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With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, Holograph Press Works has developed a robust and personalized platform to ensure that you are properly supported throughout the publishing business. We offer a range of book publishing services for both fiction and non-fiction, editorial services for STM and STEM, Curriculum design and content development, Saas automation tools for publishers, and Atlassian product solutions and services.

  • Authoring Services

  • Publishing Assistance

  • Project Management

  • Copyediting & Proofreading

  • Composition & Typesetting

  • Ebook Conversion & Distribution

  • Scanning & Data Conversion

Your Dedicated Project Manager

Experienced projected manager who will guide you through the entire publishing process.

Customized Business Support

Tailored business support to maximize your publishing production.

Premium Editorial and Production

Utilizing state of the art publishing tools to produce stunning print and digital products.

Ebook Publishing Solutions

Affordable and quality-driven ebook conversion services with fast turnaround to market.

Publishing Resources


We are more than satisfied with the service and quality of Holograph Press. Our business process and production partners are highly recommended as they understand on a very deep level our needs and targets.

Holograph Press shows us additionally always alternatives we haven’t seen or thought of and is there for a highly trusted partner.

Furthermore we admire the fact of evaluating the projects after finishing them to assure a growing understanding of our company and specialties.

Stefan, Head of Digital Publishing

Trusted Partners

With over 30 years’ experience, we have had the good fortune of collaborating with a wide variety of publishers.

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publishing production into the 21st century.

Are you looking for High-quality technology eBook Publishing Solutions with ePub?

eBooks have taken the market by storm. Many people swear by the advantages digital format offers them. Take advantage of this boom! By publishing an eBook with epub you can reach a large readership – worldwide. Check out Holograph Pressworks eBook Publishing Solutions?

As a publisher or author, you may have the same in-house web-based conversion technology. However, you may miss the high-end ebook conversion SaaS applications to bring high productivity and cost advantage.

Holograph Pressworks (HPW) offer you conversion at the highest level at fair prices. Thanks to our transparent flat-rate prices, the production of ebooks is reliable and easy to plan.

eBook Publishing Solutions – Distribution and conversion from a single source 

​​What is EPUB?

EPUB® defines a distribution and interchange format for digital publications and documents. 

The classic conversion includes the creation of an EPUB and you can distribute with various formats such as Amazon ebook format, Thalia, Hugendubel, Google Play, Apple Store and many more. The implementation of the ebooks is reflowable which means, dynamically breaking texts and pages. This facility gives you the most excellent possible distribution and easy access to the established online ebook trade. With the EPUB format, you can reach most of the nationally and internationally relevant shops. To sell on Amazon, you need the Kindle format.

HPW would be happy to distribute your ebooks to established online retailers: from Amazon and Thalia to Apple and Google to worldwide sales of the books. Our distribution does not cause you any additional costs. You don’t pay listing or monthly fees to sell your books.

Discuss individualized and unique solutions with us.

Do you want something unique, have individual requirements and lots of ideas? We are at your disposal with a competent team, extensive infrastructure and our conversion software. This technology support facility gives us the flexibility we need to be able to react efficiently to your unique requirements.


With ePUB you can publish your ebook with just a few clicks of the mouse – the process is very easy. And as soon as you have done this, we will ensure that your eBook compatible for Apple Store, Amazon, and many more. Convert your books into eBooks and distribute them to our retail partners all over the world.

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