Why Partner with End-to-End Publishing Service Provider 

End-to-End Publishing Service

Technology is prevalent in our daily lives. In this techno world, having a solution to cover all aspects of your publishing needs allows you to focus on your content without constantly relearning software, methodologies and trends. An end-to-end publishing service takes care of every step in the process so that you only need to coordinate with one entity to get your content out into the digital marketplace efficiently.

Holograph Press Works [HPW] is a technology abled services company. For publishers needing reliable and efficient publishing services, HPW provides technology engineered end-to-end services and solutions. HPW’s relationship-centred and customer-obsessed approach offers the client the certainty of meeting their requirements. Holograph Press Works addresses publishers’ needs by providing Project Management, Editing, Accessibility and Distribution to deliver outputs in all preferred formats.

Building Publishing Automation Capabilities–

Digitization in the publishing industry has led to a shift paving the way for new business models and value chains. To keep pace with this rapidly evolving prospect, industry players need to build agility to expedite time-to-market—

Holograph Press Works [HPW] ‘Publishing Automation System’ [PAS] provides a wide range of products and tools which can be scaled for small to medium-sized publishing operations without any significant investment.

  • HPW PAS is a powerful, cloud-based publishing platform that simplifies, streamlines, and customizes publishing workflows with zero compromises on quality.
  • Our PAS platform and experts offer a cloud-based environment that manages the entire publishing lifecycle, supporting editorial production and complete project management.
  • Drawing on our decades of experience working with many clients in the world of publishing, Holograph Press Workshas built-in industry knowledge.
  • We thoroughly understand the industry dynamics, changing requirements, and the need for excellent responsiveness and cost-efficiency.
  • Our comprehensive portfolio of publishing services is designed to help publishers effortlessly meet new and demanding market imperatives while ensuring optimum ROI.
  • Our long-term relationship with our clients demonstrates our commitment to clients’ success and value-based delivery. Our team is equipped to manage work of any scale and volume.
  • Holograph Press Worksis trusted by customers, including large multinationals and corporates who are leaders in their respective markets. By working jointly with us, you can overcome resource, time, and budget limitations and produce high-quality and consistent digital assets quickly and efficiently.
  • Our services can be bundled and customized to meet your business-specific and scalability requirements.

With our project manager being a single point of contact, it is effortless to monitor each project’s milestone and keep the budget under control. This is the best way to achieve a superior end product that meets publishing guidelines. They will guide you through the publishing process to ensure your journey is hassle-free. Providing a vital link between publishers, authors and suppliers, our managers’ in-depth knowledge of the industry will ensure that everything goes by plan.

Connect with us at www.holographpressworks.com for a fantastic publishing journey.