First things first, make a list of all the tasks you perform for Editorial and Production services regularly. Any publisher can calculate the time saved, cost and time to market. Yes, it’s productivity. That way, you’ll get a better idea of what jobs under Editorial and Production services are eating into your schedule. If you’re not sure, start tracking your time using, start today. You will see the time spend and time saved by others who outsource.

This article is about generic why book publishers outsource the Editorial and Production services.

  1. Avoid High start-up costs: Book publishers can avoid infrastructure costs related to E-Publishing. Publishing includes high start-up costs for the book publisher.
  1. Incompatible Hardware and Software: Change is constant Technology keep changing. Often changes Hardware or reading devices incompatibility due to lack of common standards, and use of different search software by publishers. Outsourced publishers will deliver books in other formats or even platform-agnostic services. 

Read Personalized digital books can be tweaked and altered to suit the requirements of the device better. These digital books also cater to the needs of the reader, be it fonts or style. You can alter the reading material to your liking with a few clicks, as simple as that.

Personalisation in content publishing

  • Deliver personalized experiences across all devices
  • Tailor your content to the device and/or customer segment
  • Push new content instantly across all devices
  • Deliver customized reading experience w.r.t size, fonts, resolution, background etc.
  1. Growing internet users: E-Publishing products are moving faster now since the high growth of internet usage and mobile applications. The millennials and Generation z prefers ebooks rather than prints. 
  1. There is no gap between Countries or Geographies: Knowledge sharing is fast and accurate other than language. To get global share and the market publishes need to launch books across geographies. Publishing companies will multilingual capabilities can support book publishers in releasing books in various regions and languages. 
  1. Uncomfortable inventory: Distribution and stock of books represent just-in-time inventory management. It means reading at the right time and place is not possible for all publishers to have the resources and money to do production, distribution and sales. 
  1. Delay in the release of books: In most cases, when the publication is published in print and electronic form, the electronic version is delayed. However, an outsourced or dedicated team can help the publishers release books much early if planned.
  1. User training documents: In many cases, when the publication is published in print and electronic form, the electronic version of user training is considered very important. This user manual can be outsourced to publishing experts and save cost.


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