Software as a Service — Publishing Automation System [PAS]

Publishing Automation System

PAS is a robust cloud-based publishing platform that simplifies, streamlines, and customizes publishing workflows with zero compromises on quality. The solution brings together every expert service that’s essential across the publishing production process for publishers.

It is the ideal platform which restructures your publishing process through the Workflow and Communication Management, Data Transfer and Data Storage in a single window.

The ready-to-use production engines that eliminate all the challenges in editing, Pagination, and eBooks conversion within a technology-driven environment with a cloud solution, saves time and money. All of which is readily available on Software as a Service (SaaS) based business model.

It manages all the complexities of a continuously transforming publishing landscape through an XML-based publishing engine, that connects multiple book-based production workflows, formats, and designs. Publishing Automation System is designed for cost-effectiveness and integrating and standardizing processes.

Attributes of SAAS:


PAS templates cover the Books and Journals styles which clean-up and structure the author’s manuscript that helps the production process more into a familiar environment. PAS editing enables editors to focus more on language.

Discrete Division of the Document

PAS Auto-Discretion Engine accelerates your Books and Journals interior Page Layout Design in XML-First and Non-XML workflows. With your own Multiple Templates Options across Simple to Complex Layouts.


PAS in design to EPUB Engine helps you publish your Reflowable or Fixed Layout eBooks. Simultaneously with your print books with one Button Click and deliver substantial flexibility in terms of features.

The SaaS Automation tools allow publishers to enhance physical texts with interactive and multimedia-enriched content. Their design meets every publisher’s need.

Final Word:

There are so many great and helpful tools in the market these days. A single Dashboard combines Editorial, Audience Data, Marketing & Sales.

Holograph Press Works provide special Software, proven processes, deep expertise, and untiring customer service, making it easy to switch, take control, and increase revenue.

Increasing traffic and reader engagement is just the beginning. Audience Data integrations propel sales and workflow efficiencies save hours for editorial and marketing—no other SaaS Publishing Platform powers as many business models. With your data and content no longer stranded, you can leverage your existing systems’ investment, improve productivity, and generate more revenue. Our PAS Platform and experts offer a cloud-based environment that manages the entire publishing lifecycle. Supporting editorial production and full project management.

Holograph Press Works offers a complete range of services for a wide variety of publishers. We provide Book Publishing Services for both fiction and non-fiction, Editorial services for STEM, Content development and Curriculum design, Saas automation tools for publishers, and Atlassian product services.

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