Your Dedicated Project Manager

An experienced project manager will guide you through the publishing process to ensure your journey is smooth and hassle-free. Providing a vital link between publishers, authors and suppliers, our project managers’ in-depth knowledge of the industry will ensure that everything goes to plan.

With our project manager acting as a single point of contact, it is easy to monitor each milestone of your project and keep the budget under control – the best way to achieve a superior end product that meets publishing guidelines.

Customized Business Support

Our business support services enable you to make the most of your publishing experience. With support from our experienced business consultants you can learn how to increase your revenue and expand your business into new channels.  

 As you learn more about the publishing process we will help you to develop a powerful publishing strategy to propel your business to new heights.

Premium Editorial and Production

Our premium editorial and production services utilize state of the art publishing tools to produce stunning print and digital products.

We combine the best tools in the business with the latest XML-first and Non-XML-first technologies to provide you with the highest quality, automated editorial and production solutions across all services.

Our Editorial and Production services include:

  • Manuscript splitting

  • Artwork and Illustration

  • Proofreading

  • Template Creation

  • XML and HTML Deliverables

  • Copyediting

  • Cover design

  • Language Editing

  • Pagination

  • Project Management Services

eBook Publishing Solutions

Our premium Ebook publishing solutions are comprehensive and affordable.

We can:

  • Convert your books into eBooks and distribute them to our retail partners all over the world.

  • Guarantee your publication will meet all standards required for: Distribution Validation, eBook acceptance terms and conditions, readability in eBook readers and mobile devices across the world, major eBook store validation points.

  • Provide access to over 185 distribution channels located around the globe.

  • Organize high volume production.
  • Include interactive features

  • Offer all main eBook formats including Reflowable, Fixed Layout, Enhanced and Interactive eBooks, Amazon KF8 and MOBI

Discover the Future of Publishing

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