Manuscript Editing Services-Customized End-to-End Solutions

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Digital Publishing Services offer professional Content Services along with customized end-to-end solutions. The solutions are for various publishing segments through the work of their highly skilled professionals and innovative technology.

Holograph Press Works offer comprehensive project-management services for trade, academic, and journals. They manage all segments of the pre-press production process for books and journals, from raw manuscripts to the end product for print and digital versions.

Our experts consistently integrate and oversee the end-to-end requirements of our customers. They are highly experienced in their respective specialty and services and are focused on client satisfaction.

The project managers have to up skill, mediators and negotiators who bridge the communication between the client and the internal operations team. They are very flexible concerning their availability and mode of communication.

Editorial Services

Holograph Press Works deliver quality editing and proofreading for Editorial and Typesetting Publishing Services For STEM. We work to uphold this reputation by maintaining a friendly customer service team that helps our customers address any technical or service issues, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience. The editors are highly professional in STEM books and journals and possess high-quality language Editing Skills.

The Clients

We partner with Book Publishers and scientific and academic societies to assist with the production of high-quality research. With a dedicate team of editors, quality assurance specialists, and customer service representatives support our clients and help them achieve success in their writing venture.

Copy editing

Our Typesetting and Editorial Service team has great Experience in publisher-specific styles, several publication formats, including monographs, textbooks, professional titles, major reference works, and journals.

Editorial Proofreading

At Holograph Press Works, the proofreaders possess excellent English-language Skills and follow a systematic strategy to recognize and correct mistakes.

Professional Proofreading is done by specialists with training in specific processes and publication styles based on a particular subject format. The proofreader reviews the editorial brief, typesetting specs, and detailed instructions for the title before checking the proof.

The review process also requires a thorough analysis of the different elements in a layout (such as headings, paragraphs, and colors) for their correct dimensions, placement, and style. The proofreader confirms that both the technical and style specifications have been accurately applied to the proof and thoroughly read the pages to ensure the content and style consistency.

At Holograph Press Works, we offer a range of Book Publishing Services for both Fiction and Non-fiction, Editorial Services for STEMCurriculum design and Content development, and SaaS automation tools for publishers.

Holograph Press Works has created a robust and personalized platform to ensure that you are correctly supported throughout the publishing journey.

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