Fiction and Non-fiction Book Editors


Fiction and Non-fiction Book Editors

Book Editors are essential for an author. An editor does not just provide constructive feedback but can work with you on making your manuscript better. 

Editing or, in other words–completely restructuring a document. First, book Editors work on your manuscript in terms of different aspects like storyline, plot, characters, narrative, dialogues, language, and grammar of your script. Then, they polish your manuscript to make it publishing-ready.

Writing can be incredibly lonely at times. However, having an editor with you means having someone by your side, which can be your sounding board, friend, confidante, and your 3 am go-to person for anything and everything that is parodic. Words cannot quantify the value and expertise they bring along. 

Holograph Press Works Premium Editorial and Production Services utilize state-of-the-art publishing tools to create stunning prints and digital products. We incorporate the best tools in the business with the latest XML-first and Non-XML-first technologies to offer you the highest quality, automated editorial and production solutions across all services.

Holograph Press Works Editors provide the following editing services:

  • Structural Editing:

In structural editing service, the editor usually analyses the manuscript based on various aspects of writing, including theme, characters, genre, etc. In contrast, non-fiction will be analyzed on clarity and consistency. The core focus here is more on the plot and the narrative.

Authors who are looking at detailed feedback on their writing must include plot, characters, and the flow. 

  • Line Editing

This involves correcting and improving the tone and style of the manuscript. Here the editor works on the grammar, along with spelling and punctuation. The focus is on the language.

Writers who have ensured adequate research before writing the book must consider this editing service because it is structurally strong and looking only for language correction in their manuscripts.

  • The proof-reading

The final step in editing is a thorough check for any inconsistencies, spacing issues, spelling mistakes, and grammatical errors that might have missed out. This step is to ensure the manuscript is error-free and ready for printing.

Authors who have already self-edited their manuscripts to quite an extent and need one more eye to ensure it is error-free can opt for this editing service.

Holograph Press Works has developed a robust and personalized platform to ensure that you are appropriately supported through the publishing business. Our project manager will direct you through the entire publishing process to ensure your journey is smooth and hassle-free.

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