Editorial and Typesetting Services for STEM

Editorial and Typesetting Services for STEM

Typesetting services provides editorial services for textbooks, journals, and periodicals to publishers globally. Publishers are assisted by addressing the many challenges of an increasingly digitized content industry by keeping pace with the ever-changing technologies and consumer needs. It leverages industry-leading practices, customized tools, and skilled resources to handle even the most demanding schedule with ease. Typesetting conserves the valuable time of authors by formatting and producing user-based eBooks with the help of an expert and skilled people in typography. Publishing also offers quality editing and proofreading services for the publishing industry. Editorial and Typesetting Services utilize state of the Skill Publishing Tools to produce stunning print and digital products.

Holograph Pressworks Editorial Services team–continually ensures a smooth and stress-free customer experience by maintaining Cordial Customer Service to check out any technical issues that may arise. A strong team of highly skilled editors have extensive experience in education, trade, and journal domains and possess high-quality language editing skills.

The Proofreader reviews the editorial brief, style sheet, typesetting details, and any special instructions for the title before studying the proofs. The review process also includes a thorough check of the different segments in a layout (like–heading, paragraph, illustration, and colors) for their correct dimensions, style, and type.

The Proofreader confirms that– technical and style particulars are correctly applied to the proof and reads the pages closely to ensure the integrity and cohesiveness of the document along with the consistency of style.

Holograph Pressworks combine the best tools in business with the latest XML-first and Non-XML-first technologies to give you the highest quality, automated editorial, and production solutions across all services.

The Editorial and Typesetting Services include:

  •       Manuscript Dividing
  •       Artwork and Illustration
  •       Proofreading
  •       Creating Template
  •       XML and HTML Products
  •       Copy Editing
  •       Cover Designing
  •       Language Editing and
  •       Project Management Services

The Publishing Production Partner for STEM delivers typesetting services that empower publishers to stay ahead of the competition in the publishing landscape. Our customizable XML-based publishing platform and quality-focused process at content enhancement enable time to market publishing transformation. The composition stages automated typesetting services enable a cost-efficient publishing process across multiple workflows.

When new requirements or other changes occur, Holograph has a unique way of adjusting their software and processes to comply quickly.

Holograph press works–combine the latest publishing technologies and rapid service to deliver high-quality results within a few days.

Editorial and Typesetting Services for STEM needs experts who align people, processes, and technology for positive impacts. Connect with us today for an outstanding publishing experience at  www.holographpressworks.com. Discover the future of Publishing with ‘Holograph PressWorks’.