EBook Conversion Services


EBook Conversion Services


Converting your book is a very cost-efficient affair of making your title available to millions of readers globally. Just upload one or two files, depending on where you want to distribute your eBook. This way, your story is shared through online retailers in more than 200 countries.

Holograph Press Works recommence raising the bar for eBook conversion services. Our production team converts manuscripts and consistently delivers superb products to authors and publishers worldwide. With industry-leading turnaround times, a straightforward and convenient submission process, and an unmatched commitment to quality, Holograph Press Works is the destination for all your eBook publishing needs. 


eBooks have a variety of standard features that are driven by the reading device. It includes:

  • Text search functionality throughout the book for certain words or phrases
  • Text and Font size adjustment for improved readability
  • Digital bookmarks that prevent readers from losing the page.
  • Table of contents

 Holograph Press Works delivers the entire spectrum of eBook solutions from conversion to distribution and marketing. The clever combination of technology and human competency facilitates extensive customization of eBook requirements in validation tools, automated client unique coding requirements, and enhanced interactive features. 

The prospective to handle heavy volumes of eBooks and our ability to cater to custom requirements have made Holograph Press Works your go-to experts for all your eBook needs. We are your Epub to Mobi conversion partners, your intelligent technology support to create enhanced and interactive eBooks, your eBook conversion partner for backlist titles, and more.

Holograph Press Works’ Epub production services’ leverage strong distribution and marketing platform to distribute eBooks through 200+ global distribution channels. 

At Holograph Press Works [HPW], we hold the capability to transform your manuscript into an enhanced eBook with the following additional features:

  • Read-aloud audio that highlights text as it’s read
  • Embedded video, 2D, or 3D animation
  • Popup text and images
  • Images as slideshows
  • Internal and external links


The eBook is the fastest and the most economical way to become a published author. HPW can have your title converted. Holograph Press Works has developed a personalized and robust platform to ensure that you are rightly supported throughout the printing business. We extend a range of book publishing services for fiction and non-fiction, editorial services for STEM, content development and curriculum design and Saas automation tools. Worry-free eBook conversion services with Holograph Press Works. The guaranteed way to professionally convert your files to an eBook. 

So, connect with us at www.holographpressworks.com for eBook conversion services.