Designing Web-based Books [EBooks] for Children


eBooks are penned books published in digital formats that can be read on computers, tablets, or smartphones.

Interactivity comes with other kinds of support inserted into the text of the book. They give substantial value to the book as they are attractive, fun, and playful. This is why kids love them so much! Parents, teachers, and children are all interested in this format, especially when it is interactive.

Reading has been made fascinating and interactive for children with illustrations, music, motion pictures and voices through eBooks rather than physical pages. Interactive eBooks for children are created to increase the child’s engagement in books and impart subject matter into the child’s mind with ease. These interactive books have become the best bedtime companion and affable partner for the kids.

So, what do these interactive eBooks intend doing?

The eBooks are converted into interactive ones using software technologies like CSS3 and HTML 5. The storytelling and interaction of these books reach greater heights when merged with technology, restoring the more captivating information for the kids. Interactive eBooks are compatible with smartphones and tablets, available online and offline for kids. These days even subject books are starting to take an interactive eBook format to make the students’ learning process more manageable. These books enable kids to grasp the concept quickly with the help of illustrations made. The interactive eBooks enchant the children to repeatedly read the books and engage them more in the reading habit. E-books increase the children’s creativity knowledge as they are provided with pictorial representations of the content’s characters. Children are encouraged to work themselves in interactive eBooks to make them more ingenious and amplify their practical knowledge of the subject.

Contents of an interactive eBook:

Creating interactive eBooks include specific steps beginning with story creation to final publishing of the eBook. The interactive eBooks allow the children to hear the words accompanied by pictures and videos repeatedly. This helps in better understanding and pronunciation of terms—correct illustrations about the subject matter. Content description in an interactive manner with aiding pictures and music is chosen with ultimate care and concern to draw the children’s interest and keep them engaged. Small quizzes and puzzles are added, in-between the content to make it even more interactive and attract attention. With the development in technology, graphic designs and 3D models are introduced into the eBooks making them more appealing for the children. coloring books, puzzle books and game books are all converted to interactive eBook format, making it viable for the children.

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