Collaborating with Technology Partners for STEM

publishing production partner

Publishing Production Partners for STEM automate typesetting services that authorize publishers to stay ahead of the competition in Book Production. The XML-based’ Production Platform’ and quality-focused process automate typesetting services and enable a timely and cost-efficient publishing process across multiple workflows.

Publishing Production Partners deliver –Content Engineering and Management platforms, Solutions, and Services for leading publishers and Self-publishing authors. They leverage the innovative technologies and collective ecosystem to achieve a smooth, competent, and productive publishing experience.

Holograph Press Works [HPW], a trusted publishing production partner, delivers the best services and solutions across the entire publishing process by working closely with publishers to provide digital content across the gamut. With a strong bionetwork of business partners delivering expertise across multiple skill sets – from multimedia and printing to distribution – publishing partners support the service providers and authors in their journey across the publishing industry.

HPW has established a reliable support infrastructure that empowers publishers in simplifying their responsibilities. It delivers content engineering, solutions, and services for leading publishers and self-publishing authors. Leverage our innovative technologies and collaborative ecosystem to achieve a smooth, intelligent, and productive publishing experience.

Publishing partners provide end-to-end solutions for a seamless and fast progression across production, distribution, and extensive experience in establishing a technology. 

Holograph Press Works support self-published authors in leveraging the extensive publishing expertise so they can completely outsource their publishing responsibilities to us. Customizable self-publishing packages provide authors with the power to choose the specific services they require support – from editorial to cover design, typesetting, distribution, and marketing.

Technology-driven publishing has supported publishers in effortlessly transitioning into a digital environment. “Efficient Expert Processing” is the soul of any publication process. Creativity, quality, and productivity are at the top of every successful program. The illustration team can easily conquer all the requisites through creativity and skills. Starting from tools that support simple scanning to sophisticated design and standard checks that check art quality for both print and outputs.

Therefore, the artistry of your publications is in safe hands with Holograph Press Works!

Our comprehensive range of publishing services provides a fully managed end-to-end publishing solution for publishers in need of any publishing.

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