Cloud Based Publishing Platform

Results are encouraging

The growth of technology in publishing field has opened pathways for the publishers to publish their books online through cloud based publishing platforms. This has allowed the publishers to manage, sell and feature their work over the internet without intermediate sellers and distributors. Cloud publishing is in immense usage all around the world among the publishers, global organizations and the market value of the cloud publishing is in increasing phase. The cloud based publishing platform allows the publishers to upload their file online from a location but accessed by the users from any point of the globe. The cloud publish has its own advantage over the traditional publishing process for the users as well the publishers.

Few advantages of using cloud based publication platform over traditional method are listed below.


In traditional method, a lot of amount is spent in printing, marketing, distributing, and transportation. This creates a vast difference between the traditional and cloud publication since the cost involved in the latter is minimal. A computer with a good internet connection and some publishing software are the requirement of a cloud publication. Here the buyers need to pay only for the authors work and their usage of the files whereas in the traditional method they are paying for additional expenses as well.


The cloud publication allows the authors and readers to interact through the internet. Once published, the author can collect the feedback from the readers through portals and explain the needed details to the reader’s queries. The eBooks are published with pictures, audio and video contents to make it interactive for the readers.

Other interesting features are that the pages can be zoomed in and out, changing font sizes, searching for the words or statement meanings etc. This makes the users to get more involved with the books and to understand the content with ease.


Even after number of corrections and editing there may be some typo in the content. After the publication of book in printing this typo will be present till the last copy of the edition is sold but this never happens in the cloud publishing. The errors are edited at the moment it is found out and the readers are uploaded with the error free content.


Technology and internet facility has made it possible for the readers to access the files anywhere in world without the shipping and packaging cost. The publishers can keep track of the readers and provide notifications of their new works even if they change their location. Thus, the major advantage of reaching the maximum readers is achieved in the cloud based publishing platform.