Book Publishing Services for Fiction and Non-Fiction

Book Publishing Services.

Publishing Services bestow the contemporary author with the full support of a Designed Publishing House. The author’s scripts are edited for converting the raw material into professional format books ready for publishing. The main objective of language editors for Fiction and Non-Fiction publishers is to see that the content is published, error-free.

Before the Final Publication of the Script, there are specific steps to be followed—

  • Script Editing– Script editing is done to capture all the errors and irregularities in the writing. The Editors must have excellent readingwriting, and editing abilities and be able to evaluate works and understand reader demand.
  • Next–Design Your Book Cover – Creators will work with the Authors -to create a cover for their book– an essential factor in convincing readers to buy your book. Your book cover will decide your
  • Formatting– Sample designs will set out the text and illustrations. Once the book is accepted, it is turned into page proofs, ready for printing.
  • Print Time–Proofread scripts are sent for printing.
  • Advertising – Details of your book are sent to distributors to help them place it in the market.
  • Holograph PressWorks furnish a complete range of services for a wide variety of publishers. We merge the latest publishing technologies and rapid service to deliver high-quality results.

Advantage of Book Publishing Services–

Publishing Service Affiliates work with the authors to design, publish and market their books—

  • Your publication is not just an idea anymore. It starts becoming a reality.
  • The author is assured a premium quality finished product that will always make them proud.
  • Writers get personal support at every point.
  • You hold all creative and financial control, but you do not have to do all the work. Awesome–isn’t it?
  • Someone qualified and knowledgeable is available who efficiently handles the smallest details.

Publishing Partner for Fiction and Non-Fiction Publishers

Publishing partners help take the risk of publishing new writers since the cost of the publication is shared. In return, work is done, through all stages of writing—from manuscript editing to-sales, to ensure the best possible results. Partner Publishing does not end with publication— it is ongoing with book sales. If the book proposal has the potential, the publishing company will offer a ‘partnership contract’ that includes an offer, to be paid by the author, and the royalty rate that they will receive after-sales.

Once the editorial board agrees on a particular book proposal, the draft is submitted, and an editor will work with the author–through the process.

Holograph PressWorks [ HPW] EBook Publishing Solutions–are comprehensive and affordable.

HPW can:

  • Transform books into eBooks and distribute them to the retail partners around the world.
  • Guarantee your publication will meet all standards needed for Distribution Validation, eBook acceptance terms and conditions, readability in eBook readers, and mobile devices around the globe, major eBook store validation points.
  • Provide access to over 185 distribution channels located around the world.
  • Organize high volume production.
  • Offer all main eBook formats including Reflowable, Fixed Layout, Enhanced and Interactive eBooks, Amazon KF8 and MOBI

The Book–

Publishing Partner for Fiction and Non-Fiction Publishers Publishing a book is a huge venture. Be clear about your idea to achieve your dream, why have you written the book, and whom do you expect to read the book—Be an expert in your field. You may have an unbelievable story that could make an excellent novel.

Holograph Press Work’s wide scale of printing services provides a well-handled end-to-end publishing solution for any kind of publication from–fiction to non-fiction, academic books, and journals. To know more about our book publishing services for fiction and non-fiction, connect with us today!.

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