Accelerate your Atlassian Cloud migration services

Atlassian Cloud migration services

Moving the business to the Cloud is no longer optional for companies that want to stay competitive in an increasingly digital world. Cloud is no longer a choice for companies, it is a necessity, and the only thing we can discuss is how to go Cloud. Holograph PressWorks Atlassian Cloud migration services save time and money. This cloud migration will move faster,  high productivity, and saves money.

Even if an organization has historically used only on-premises applications, you probably already have some teams that use SaaS applications in the Cloud. You may not even know it is the famous shadow IT that exists in most organizations and is beyond IT departments’ control.

With the entry barriers so low, anyone with a corporate card can embark on new software systems in the Cloud. For this reason, when organizations begin to migrate to the Cloud, most use some hybrid model that sometimes persists for years.

So, Why migrate to the Cloud?

  • Increases agility in the Cloud
  • Improves your team productivity
  • Future proof your tools
  • Some options to migrate are:
  1. Upload and change. Move all the data at once, putting everything – and everyone –
    to work in the Cloud.
  2. Combine and consolidate. If you have multiple servers and cloud sites, you can choose
    to consolidate data in cloud applications.
  3. Phased migration or permanent hybridization. You could decide to manage some applications
    and data yourself, for now, or permanently, and migrate some applications to the Cloud.

Enabling Digital Transformation

The Cloud’s evolution also allows IT departments to direct the digital transformation and regain some of the lost control. As cloud technology matures and security and governance issues are addressed and enhanced, IT teams move more systems to the Cloud, enabling the agility and innovation organizations to need to respond to change and increase delivery of value.

Innovation motivates technology leadership to undertake these transitions to the Cloud, allowing companies to remain competitive in a rapidly changing digital world.

Among the first candidates to migrate to the Cloud are applications used by development teams and applications for teamwork. Cloud has essential advantages in the way teams work.

When everyone has access to the same information, through any device connected to the Internet, you have the freedom to work anywhere you can connect.

From Strategy to Execution

Transitioning to “Atlassian Cloud” benefits your organization. But finding the best perspective can be challenging. Efficient Cloud migrations require to be strategized, planned, and conducted.

A secure process means you will get to the Cloud without disrupting your current operations while ensuring compliance and administration.

Atlassian software’s core value is its ability to integrate and adapt to bring total enterprise technology alignment. Because your team’s time is better spent achieving business goals, we have architected packaged and proven solutions to get these results fast and saving of budget.

Atlassian Products and Services will make your teams smarter, happier, and more productive.

Atlassian Cloud migration services—

*Cloud readiness & strategy

Atlassian Migration Services carry out a cost/benefit analysis, assess risks and potential blockers, and provide you with a simple roadmap to guide your Cloud journey.

Today the need for efficient and effective collaboration is more critical than ever. Businesses face new challenges that require unprecedented reliability, security, and scalability. Every team needs to be able to respond quickly to changes and access their work from anywhere.

Including Jira Software, Jira Service Desk, and Confluence Cloud, Cloud Enterprise is specifically designed for global businesses’ needs. It enables teams to confidently scale Atlassian products and services in the Cloud, with full control for administrators, optimized security and governance, and critical problem resolution by Atlassian’s senior support team.

Cloud Enterprise offers unlimited flexibility to meet teams’ collaboration needs within a global organization. This facility will ensure employees’ highest productivity level and allowing administrators to assign users a total number of instances with a single-user license.

*Atlassian Cloud migration services from Holographpressworks

Holographpressworks provides primarily three areas in Atlassian migration.

  • Migration from Cloud to server
  • Migration from server to Cloud
  • Merging Jira instances

We transit all the data and features from your on-premise Jira and Atlassian applications to the Atlassian Cloud. We influence our proprietary automation utilities to remove most manual steps in the migration process. Staging and fine-tuning are always a part of the process. With different objectives and critical results that can lead you to invest in Cloud migration, Holograph press works will build a Cloud migration strategy focused on yours.

HPW offers flexible business models for any of your Atlassian service needs. Accelerate your Atlassian Cloud migration services. From technology expertise to strategic transformation, HPW will support!  Connect with us today at