Academic Design and Content Creation for Higher Schools

Content Creation

Content development represents the boundless passion in writing, reviewing, revising, and sourcing assets, until an idea, is made production-ready in a typescript form. Content is essential in learning and book publishing. The victory of an Education Product depends on measurable outcomes it can deliver to the learning process for both the teachers and the students.


Holograph PressWorks provide Content Development and Academic Syllabus Design for Higher School. 

Developing core materials, supplemental learning tools and delivering them in multiple delivery channels. Channels Like to reach the textbook publishers and academic content producers- are essential and critical stakeholders in the education utility chain.

Initially Structured as a dedicate practice and delivery institution, Holograph PressWorks delivers services efficiently to publishers worldwide. With the help of a robust in-house team of project managers and an extensive network. The network of independent contractors of editors, designers, instructional designers, writers, and permission specialists.


Holograph PressWorks [HPW], bring forward “Higher Education Content” along with Higher Education Content Development ServicesHPW  focuses and dedicates to present the best textbook creation service under clients-business conditions. We offer a whole range of eBook and textbook for the clients that belong to business domains such as IT, competitive examination, and other educational entities.


Curriculum Design

Then there are extraordinary creative minds designing higher education content development materials for schools, colleges, and universities. The Curriculum Design describes the purpose, consideration, and instructional blocks for classes and their respective courses. Curriculum Design and Content Development assist in communicating education step-by-step.


Solution Handbook

Holograph PressWorks has a knowledgeable Subject Matter Experts team who helps analyze, measure, and document answers seamlessly. Students discover a big bonus when the solution manual supports them in saving time and effort to find answers to typical questions accessible in the specific chapter. 


Lesson Learning Skills

They compose creative learning ideas, classification, course content, layout, preparing educational activities, and study materials. The team works on constructing the projects– expressive and straightforward for the students and the instructors. The team has skill in creating lesson plans for educational institutions.


Testing Resource Banks

Holograph PressWorks is skilled to expand electronic testing resources, that can customize according to the lecturers or instructors under education prerequisites.

“Higher Education Content Development Providers” in India, produce practice papers for the clients based in the USA and Australia. Our Experts team has created worksheets comprising various topics customize to build studies successful and time-efficient.


Holograph PressWorks gives a hand to educational establishments to pick, expand, and invest in practice E-learning solutions. Our content serves a variety of user groups—long Years of experience in the publishing industry. We can deliver a premium service to every business, including those with limited resources or technology.

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